Depo-Provera Injections

Due to the current issues surrounding Covid-19, we will be suspending all regular Depo Provera contraceptive injections. As you will no doubt be aware we are trying to assist people with the government advice 'Stay home, Stay safe' and are therefore not carrying out any routine face to face appointments.

If you are currently using Depo Provera contraceptive injection we are keen to ensure you are covered as regards to contraception. The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health have advised switching all injection users to either the progestogen only oral contraceptive pill (until normal service can be resumed) OR a self-injectable form of the injectable progestogen you normally have administered at the surgery.

Information regarding the Sayana press, the self administered contraceptive injectable medication can be found at:

Sayana Press Information

We would be grateful if you could contact the surgery and advise us of your preference so that we can issue you an appropriate prescription.

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