Fit to fly

We understand that some of our patients may be anxious about travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic and that some of our patients are contacting their travel insurers to discuss holiday cancellations. In turn, insurers may request GP letters to support cancellations based on patient's medical conditions.

As a practice, we follow the Civil Aviation Authority guidelines (a national standard) on fitness to fly. If you have been asked to provide a GP letter to support your holiday cancellation please visit Am I Fit To Fly?

As noted on this site, most patients medical conditions will still allow patients to fly. For conditions in which flying is contraindicated are listed; we are happy to issue supporting letters.

We will not be able to issue any letters for forward cancellations or changes of your holiday plans due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please note that a charge is applied to all private letters

Please click here for more information about charges for private work

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