Annual Review Questionnaires

Please only complete these questionnaires if you are a registered patient at Woodbrook Medical Centre and you have receieved a request from the practice to complete them.

Due to the recent COVID-19 events, the way we manage our own health conditions has been a challenge. Until things have returned to any sort of normality, the way we deal with annual reviews will change.

Your health is your responsibility but we are here to help provide the tools to achieve results with your input.

Our aim is still to see you at the surgery for essential elements, but limiting the time in surgery for your safety and ours. Where possible, we will ask you to gather some information yourself. This is to encourage self-management of your condition.

The information which would normally be discussed at your consultation has been included in the questionnaires below.

One of the things you can also do is to monitor your own blood pressure. This is actively encouraged as results prove that generally readings are lower in your home environment. We appreciate that there is a cost involved in this but this is an investment for your lifelong health.

Click below to complete a questionnaire:

Click here to download a PDF document with further information to help you complete the annual review chronic disease questionnaire (PDF, 715KB).

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